Monthly Archive: February 2007

New Game: Love’s Arrow

I posted Love’s Arrow for Valentine’s Day.

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Love’s Arrow on Mochiblog

Love’s Arrow is featured on the Mochibot blog!

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High Scores Down

I had a small problem with my high scores system yesterday which caused the site to be taken offline for a few hours yesterday. The high scores on all the games won’t be working for a few days until I...

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Growing Pains

Bad News: The Pencil Farm has exceeded it’s bandwidth 3 times since December. I had to temporarily pull down the games to keep from going over this month and having the site completely shut down. The site was offline for...

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Game Music

I’ve had a lot of people asking about the music tracks I used in Snow Day and Love’s Arrow. I’ve been using Apple’s GarageBand to create music for all of the games. It works really well for me, since I’m not particularly musically inclined.

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