Bug Lab Prototype

Nov 29

Bug Lab Screenshot
I’ve posted a prototype version of a new game called Bug Lab.

This is a Zendo-like puzzle game. The object is to determine which characteristics make up each type of bug. You earn points by guessing if you think each bug belongs to a particular bug family. Once you think you have figured out the rule(s) that make up that type of bug, you can choose to solve the puzzle. To pass the level you must identify 5 bugs as either belonging to the bug family or not. If you get them right, you move on the next level. If you get even one of them wrong though, you’ll fail the level and lose the game.

The game gives you incentive to attempt to solve the puzzle early though, as you earn bonus points for each level based on how soon you were able to solve the puzzle.

Ultimately, Bug Lab will be a downloadable desktop game. In addition to the game mode you see in the prototype, it will feature a time-attack mode, and possibly a bug-creation mode, that allows players to create their own playable bug levels.

Right now the game is still a little buggy (no pun intended), and a long way from being finished, but it should be playable (and hopefully fun) for the most part.

Play the Bug Lab Prototype