Monthly Archive: April 2007

Bee Game Prototype

Here’s a preview of the pixel-art game I’m working on right now. Press the mouse button to make the bee fly (up), release to allow him to drop down. Collect flowers in your basket, and avoid the other bees. If your basket hits the ground or the other bees, you’ll lose all your flowers. If your bee hits another bee you die.

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High Scores are Back

Sorry for the long delay in getting the high scores back up.
I implemented a new system for doing them which is hopefully better, so I had to go back and modify all the games to use the new system.

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‘The Lake’ Fixed

There has been a long-standing bug in my game The Lake that allowed people to get scores in the millions. I was pretty sure that it was a problem with the game itself and not just people hacking my high-score system. One reason is that this is the only game that was getting bogus scores. Also the scores were never round numbers (like 1,000,000) which is what I would suspect if people were simply sending bogus scores to my database.

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Game Builder Interface

Here’s a preview of the designs for the Game Builder interface:

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