Lost in Translation

Aug 4

As more people start to find this site, I find references to the games popping up on various blogs and forums from all over internet-land. The most interesting ones are the non-english sites (like here) because I have to run them through a translator to see what they say about the games.

Yesterday I found a description of Back to the Garden on this Russian site. Here’s what came out of the translator:

It played, similar on the line, but even more interesting. Plant seeds so that they would next prove to be 4 or more than seeds or vegetables of one and the same color (on the outer covering) gather harvest. It shows internal color, what vegetables will grow from this seed. Fear weeds! If vegetables (or seed) okazhetsya next to the weed of the same color, it most is become weed! However it is strange, from your successful work on this vegetable-garden it is dependent the life of computer character on the name Of Jason (small grave of which you see at the very beginning). If you successfully safeguard all vegetables, it will revive. Sometimes they vozvrashchayutsya…
It played! (it played it otkroyetsya in the new window.) Loading it is ended, when all seeds (similar to the beans) become vegetables.

So funny.