New Game Ideas

Jul 20

game idea sketches
These are some ideas for new games that I came up with the other day:

  • Pumpkin’s Dream
    Pumpkin is my cat. I can tell when Pumpkin is dreaming because her whiskers twitch and her legs do crazy things as if she’s running or trying to catch something in her sleep. My idea is to make a game that would take place in Pumpkin’s dream world. I haven’t figured out the story yet, but I imagine that the player would control Pumpkin, and would be flying through a cloudy dream world, collecting fish-shaped cat treats, or chasing ribbons. A bonus round could bring Sparkles (the other cat) in as a helper character.

  • Donut Factory
    This game will take place in a donut factory. (I realize that donuts are baked and not assembled in a factory, but bear with me.) Donuts will pass by on the top of the screen, hanging from hooks or mechanical arms. There will be several different types of donuts—glazed, chocolate, pink, sprinkles, maple. At the bottom of the screen coffee cups will move by on a conveyor belt. The cups will be colored to correspond to the donut flavors. The user will have to release the donuts so that they fall into the matching cup. Bonus points will be awarded for dunking more than one donut per cup.

  • Sunken Treasure
    In this game the player controls a scuba diver attempting to recover treasure chests on the ocean floor. Holding the mouse will cause the diver to sink and releasing will cause him to float upwards. The diver must descend to the treasure while avoiding sharks (traveling horizontally across the screen). Once the diver has the treasure, he must return to the surface (still avoiding sharks) to be credited for the find.

    I think the challenge in this game will come from how the diver moves. Since he can never be completely at rest (always either diving or floating) it becomes difficult to maneuver between sharks.